Mahesh Gaurav

Mahesh Gaurav – Mahesh Gaurav is a flagship programme of MPF where all the chapters join hands to hold a grand ceremony to recognise Maheshwari community Champions: Man of Substance and Woman of Substance of who have entered the age of wisdom that is 60 years and still continue to do incredible work.

The champions here are the awardees who have been selected by the Mahesh Gaurav team on basis of reaching a benchmark or milestones personally,professionally and socially.
The awardee is presented with a Mannpatra as his/ her award.

The awardee gives a brief talk about his/ her achievements and how he/she wants to continue his leadership beyond 60. The meaningful recognition which comes from those who are closely associated with the person who is honoured like the near and dear ones also give some highlights about the awardees contribution to them and the society.

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