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It gives us immense pleasure to publish the 4th issue of MPF Digital Link for year 2019-20.

MPF Joy Of Life event has been done on 23-Jun-2019 with very enthusiast and passionate MPFians to remember their childhood.

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  1. Joy of Life Event Details along with Photos of the Event
  2. Snapshot of activities carried out by Digital Team in the month of June
  3. Next Event Update along with activity planned

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Pooja Kabra
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JOY of LIFE’s MPF Ki Majedar Galiyan 2019.

After the divine beginning for the MPF every year & very energetic BCL; Team Joy of Life (JOL) was already geared up for the upcoming event.

The basic aim of the “Joy of Life” program is not only enjoyment or entertainment but also to give & do some social cause and to collaborate with Non Maheshwari social organization so towards this year we tied up with Pune Doctors Associations (PDA) & Swach Organization for our event.

To live up to our theme of this year “Rishtey The Bond of love” and towards this we all wanted to do something new where all the family members would get involved and what better than our childhood days which are most memorable, loveable, cherishable & Majedar once &towards this we decided to keep our event name as “MPF Ki Majedar Galiyan”.

Firstly, we decided on the venue which would be in city proximity that had lots of space to play games (indoor & outdoor), with lush green grass all over the place & a beautiful view on a bright and fresh rainy Sunday early morning on 23rd June 19 and that is where we decided with Kodre Farms which had all this along with the Street look to go with our theme of Galiyan.

It all started with a Digital form of Personalized Family Invitation Card for each of our MPF Central member by our team.

To make the event more Majedar and joyful we started with a unique way of Welcoming our members with registration where every member would be put a stamp of colours (Blue, Black & Red) and pick a chit kept in the box and whichever Game he/she gets in the chit that had to be played while entering the premises (Frog Jump, Tipri Pani, Rabbit Jump etc.) along with a running on tyre kept at the entry points to relive the movements of childhood days. There are Tea/Coffee & Bread Butter for all our members on early Cloudy Sunday morning.

All our members were than seated in Box which was made of our theme words “MPF Ki Majedar Galiyan” with their family members to enjoy the event. The event started sharp at 8.30 am with the National Anthem which was sung by all our Little Kids of JOL committee followed by a brief introduction & Objective of JOL by our Female Committee MOC (Priyanka Bhutada& Veena Malu) which was executed flawlessly along with Abhay Jaju and felicitation of Doctors which was then followed by an Lecture from our Doctor Sandeep Nikam, Clinical Psychologist on Child physiology which all our members loved.

It was time for our committee members to give a dance performance which was different & unique in a way where each member danced in the Game form so that people knew what was coming their way for the day through the event. Performance start with unique poem write by Abhay Jaju


Thodi Yaado se Bhari Aur Thodi Masti Se Bhari,

Thodi Maa Ke Pyaar Se Bhari, Thodi Papa Ki Daant Se…

Thodi Dosto Ki Shararto Se Bhari, Thodi Crush Wale Pyaar Se,

Thodi Rassi Ki Dhar Se Bani, Thodi Lagori Ki Maar Se,

Rumal Jaha Pani Kehlata Tha,

Insaan Bandar Ban Jata Tha,

Doriya Rishto Ko Nahi Apne Aap Ko Fit Rakhne Ke Kaam Aati Thi,

Anda Khane kKa Nahi, Par Phodne Ka Maja Aata Tha,

Kanche,Bhavro Ko Khelkar Bhi Punja Lada Liya Karte The,

Apne Har Khilone Ka Show Off Kiya Karte The,

Padosiyon Ki Galiyan Kha Kar Bhi Khelna Nahi Chodte The,

Hum Sab Un Galiyon Main Raha Karte The,

Chaliye fFr Chalte Hai Un Galiyon Ki Aur,

Jaha Jindagi Masumiyat Main Behti Thi,

Bade Hue Hum Ab Toh Kya Hua, Yaadein Abhi Bhi Wahi Rehti Thi….

Post the energetic and lively performance it was time to have a session from the Doctor Nilesh Jagtap, MBBS, FCPS on Trauma cases which all our members loved. Vote of Thanks was given by our Chairman of Jugal Panpalia.

It was than the time of members who came with lot of enthusiasm for the event to perform and this time the performance was through “Family Drawing Competition” where 5 topics on the type of drawing was given along with a message to be completed in 20 mins time and 3 best Family Drawings were chosen by the Penal of Doctors and felicitated. Also, there were Healthy Baby Competition, health check-up camp and suggestions to keeping in mind the Health of the babies in the age of 6 months to 30 months by the eminent panel of Doctors of PDA.

Post the drawing it was time each of the Colour stamp people to enjoy the games (indoor & outdoor) and all old & childhood games of our time was there to be enjoyed in different forms of Galiyan which was (Masti, Khushi &Hassi) with a stipulated time of 25 mins each for each Gali games to be enjoyed with your families and which MPFians did it very well.

Apart from that there was Pot Making for children’s, Tatoo, Singing and Playing Guitar, Selfie Point, Cycle Riding, Mobile Zone & dance on the music which than was followed by Celebration & Cake Cutting of Birthday’s & Anniversaries of all those MPFians in the month of June 19.Also we have kept phutana, groundnuts, budhi ke baal, olden days chocolates for all the families during the games which all enjoyed a lot.

All and all its was Mini Picnic experience for all MPFians along with their families and relive those old golden movements and teach our children and rewind all the memories of childhood the simple, physical and great games which were played during those times was what all it had in “MPF Ki Majedar Galiyan” which was followed by a tasty “Brunch”.

All our MPFians believe in giving back happiness and joy to the society and most of them brought and gave their stuff to Swach Organization in Joy of Giving.

Also, our team urged to all and distributed One Plant each to every family so that they can plant near there societies and take that one step to save the earth and make our earth greener which all our members started to do.

The event was more than just successful under vibrant leadership of Director Swati Maheshwari with the help of committee members as well as other notable contribution from non- committee members.

Thank You All for giving whole heartily your Time, Stuff, Saved (Food & Mother Earth) &appreciation.

With Warm Regards,

Activities by Digital Team in June

As the name Digital, team is very much active on Social media – Facebook and WhatsApp to promote the events.

    • Promotion of JOL event on Facebook and WhatsApp.


Next Event Update – Mahesh Gaurav

Mahesh Gaurav Puraskar (Man of Substance and Woman of Substance) to felicitate a senior person from Maheshwari community for their personal achievements and contribution to the society. Mahesh Gaurav is held on 31-Aug-2019.