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It gives us immense pleasure to publish the First issue of MPF Digital Link for year 2019-20.

Every year’s tradition, MPF organises “Ashirwad Samaroh” which is official Installation of New BOD with the presence and blessings of Senior Sister Nikky. This program is organized by the President Elect and his team.

The list of BOD members along with Snaps have been updated along with Ashirwad Program snaps.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Digital & Referral Connect


  1. President’s Desk
  2. Immediate President’s acknowledgement for his BOD and MPF
  3. Ashirwad Samaroh along with Photos of the Event
  4. Snapshot of activities carried out by Digital Team in the month of April
  5. Next Event Update along with activity planned

Digital & Business Connect Director:

Kunal K. Kabra

Project Chairperson
Gauri Phophalia


Pooja Kabra
Pramod Phophalia
Darshana & Tushar Lathi
Janhavi & Rahul Daga
Roopali & Sandesh Malani
Anjali & Nikhil Lohiya
Ankita & Nikhil Palod
Uma & Gunjan Nawal

President’s Desk

“भगवान महेश की संतानें हम
एकत्रित आज हम यहाँ सारे माहेश्वरी…
एकत्रित आज हम यहाँ सारे

वंश उत्पादक भगवान महेश की चरणोमे सादर अभिवादन..

कुछ लोग जिंदगी होते हैं
कुछ लोग जिन्दगी में होते है ||
कुछ लोगोसे जिंदगी होती है
पर कुछ लोग ऐसे होते है जो जिंदगी होते है ||

I am talking about my Family, My beloved organization Mahesh Professional Forum (MPF).

Nine years back 32 members in Pune plant a small tree which is flourished as Banyan with 180 members, called MPF Central. There is only 1 drop out this year who is shifting from Pune and 7 new members joined and many more in waiting to join.

I would like to give my greetings and thanks to Parampujya Senior Sister BK Nikky (Brahma Kumari’s) for her blessings and valuable guidance to MPFians on महकते रिश्ते!  I would like to give my greetings to all the honourable members for MFCT, esteemed guests from our society, parents of all the BOD members and all the MPFians.

This year I got the opportunity to lead MPF Central.  My Sincere thanks from bottom of my heart to Saheb Rameshji Toshniwal, Anandji Jakhotiya and the word which absorbs the whole universe in it – OM- Omprakashji Marda (Khandu Bhau). These 3 persons are backbone of my achievements in MPF.

Before announcing this year’s initiatives, My Sincere greetings to efforts of all the Presidents till this year –

Jaiprakashji Somani, Balkrishnaji Karwa, Ashokji Laddha, Shrutiji Karnani, Gopalji Jaju, Purushottamji Mundada, Anandji Jakhotiya, Vimalji Karnani and Rameshji Toshniwal.


I will make sure that legacy will be continued.

A person is nothing without his Family and on this note I have decided this year’s theme – “RISHTEY: The BOND of LOVE!”

I will try my best to progress my Family – MPF. Based on this my Formula is WNS

  1. W – Women. I am very much HAPPY with this new initiative-Women Empowerment. Team Digital and Business Connect is launching a new Facebook page for the same.
  2. N – Next Generation. This year my main focus is connecting NextGen to MPF. Under the leadership of Sushilji Bhandari, PR team will start 3 new initiatives for MPF Kids.
    1. Dance and Drama training for 3 to 14 years of kids. There will be a grand program at the end of the year by these kids which totally hosted by themselves.
    2. Dmit Test will be there with minimal fees for career guidance of kids more than 14 years.
    3. Session on Kids entrepreneur to encourage Business sense in kids more than 14 years.
  3. S – Senior Citizens. Based on the theme of this year, for the first time in the history of MPF, Ashirwad Samaroh is happening with our Parents. This is my immense pleasure to take the blessings from them.

On 1st May 2019, we are arranging the SAMVID event with very interesting topic which is not happened in MPF till now – “में पैसा और वो

Our biggest duty towards our society is to support financially poor students for their education through Gift of Education (GOE) program. This year we will sell the tickets in minimum only 1 Rupee and buyer will get lots of gifts along with travel to Dubai.

Before concluding, I would like to remind everyone that this year we have the biggest festival of Democracy-Election, which is happening on 23-April-2019 in Pune. Being a responsible citizen, I encourage all the MPFians to use their most valuable right –Vote! Expecting 100% voting ratio from MPFians.

Dr Navaniit Mandhani

Immediate Past President’s acknowledgement to his BOD and MPF

डर मुझे भी लगा था फासला देखकर

पर मै बढता गया रास्ता देखकर ||

खुद बा खुद नजदीक आती गयी

मेरी मंजील, मेरा हौसला देखकर ||

I would like to give my greetings and thanks to Parampujya Sister BK Nikky (Brahma Kumari’s), to all the honourable members for MFCT, esteemed guests from our society and all the MPFians.  “Bonding Makes Difference”! We have started the year with this theme and made sure that all the events organized around the same.

Year started with Ashirwad Samaroh with Talent Guru Navaniitji and his team and blessings of Parampujya Shri Ramakantji Vyas Maharaj. This helped to start the Bonding within Family.

Most passionate Director, Tusharji Lohe has started BCL for only MPF Central for participation of all the members. It’s all about Bonding! – Tagline created new level of Bonding in MPF.

A person who is always Happy and Energetic can give the best message of importance of laughter, Acupressure and Fitness. Nititaji Bang and Team Joy of Life have done the same.

MPF has received more than 30 recommendations for Mahesh Gaurav because of systematic efforts of most sincere lady Director, Pritiji Bhutada.

Akashji Karwa and Team GOE has managed this year to generate whooping amount of Rs. 14 Lacs for financially poor student’s education.

मुर्ती लहान पण आरती महान! Aartiji Mall has managed one of most difficult event to organized Diwali Milan with ease and with the theme of Dipakshari. This has created a new Bonding in the teams with dress code based on the states of India.

MPF Central’s Knowledge Guru Deepakji Mundada has organized successful event SAMVID which helped MPF to reach at National level.

Most awaited event of the year – Picnic and AGM is organized by Supercool Anandji Mantri and Laconic Bharatji Somani with 28 couples. Water Zumba, Flash Mob, Carnival Night, Kite Festival, MPF ki Adalat has raised the new bar of this event. First time in the history of MPF, Voting for Nomination committee has reached to 99.3%.

New event of this year – President’s choice – Most hardworking Ganeshji Baheti and his team has organized Rangotsav which became a memorable event with MPF ke SHOLEY!

Man of the Series of the eventsSachinji Rathi has gone to another level to give the new identity to Digital and Business Connect team.  Referral connect meet over a breakfast organized by Sachinji is like a Dream come true for me in my tenure.

None of the event can be start without his help and sanction – Treasurer – Punitji Baheti. He has set a new record to register all the MPF Central members before 30th April 2018.

A man with smile on his face in every situations – PR Director – Amitji Chandak has successfully distributed scholarships.

I would like to thank Vimalji Karnani, Dr Ashokji Laddha, Balkrishnaji Karwa and Omprakashji Marda for their continuous support and guidance.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank to the person, my guide, supporter, lifeline and my wife – Suchita.

Ramesh Toshniwal

Ashirwad Samaroh

It was a beautiful morning on 14th April at the Abhinav Vidyalaya, when MPF Central members gathered in large numbers to witness the installation ceremony of their new Board of Directors.


The ceremony was unique in many ways. To begin with, presence and words of guidance, by Sister BK Nikky, a senior sister from the NGO Brahma Kumari’s. Her words of guidance preciously revolved around the topic – ” महकते रिश्ते “. In short time of 40 minutes she touched upon a variety of sub-topics from Self Reflection, Communication, relationships with various family members/ colleagues, amongst other topics. Her speech ended with a smoothing 5 mins Rajyoga Meditation.

Key Highlights for session –
3 C’s to be avoided –

– Complain
– Criticize
– Compare (negative way)

Basis of healthy relationship

– Trust
– Respect
– Love

Two things spoils the relationship


Respect ourselves – list down the own qualities

After a very enlightening session by Sister BK Nikky, we were glad, to hear from our true leaders at MPF. Outgoing president Rameshji Toshniwal and Incoming President Dr Navaniitji Mandhani. Rameshji, thanking his BOD and all the members, summarized the memorable events from last year, while Navaniitji threw some light on his vision and execution planning at high level.

The BoD for 2019-20, started their tenure with blessings from their parents who were present at the event. It followed with Oath by the Directors and a very important Appeal for Voting to all the members with Lok Sabha elections round the corner.

We got to know dates & plans of some of upcoming events namely – SAMVID and BCL. Sharing their Digital Strategy for MPF this year, the ‘’MILA’’ Facebook page was also inaugurated on this occasion.

The event was also special for the kids – Age 4 to 12 who had their first workshop on Dance, Ramp walk and Acting and will continue to have so across all MPF events in 2019-20. Kids with age group of 13 years & above also experienced their first entrepreneur lecture from ‘’KIDPRENEURS’’

The event would have been incomplete without the delicious lunch which gave us a taste of the seasonal flavour of Alphonso Mango Ras!

All in all a Wow start to the new MPF year 2019-20.

Program Director Program Director Program Director Program Director
Amit Chandak Priyanka & Tushar Lohe Priyanka & Tushar Lohe Priyanka & Tushar Lohe
Project Chairman Project Chairman Project Chairman Project Chairman
Jitesh Bhutada Girishji Gilda Girishji Gilda Girishji Gilda
Committee Members Committee Members Committee Members Committee Members
Aarti & Manoj Mall Shruti & Mahesh Bangad Rakhi & Anand Bhutada Neha & Abhijeet Sikchi
Sheetal & Sachin Darak Varsha & Sumit Bhandari Vandana & Kamlesh Jajoo Anjali Bhutada
Priyanka Lohe Trishna Chandak
MFCT Co-ordinator
Sandeep Bhattad
MFCT Trustee
Pankaj Modani

Activities by Digital Team in April

Young and Dynamic Digital Team geared up with President’s Motivational words and carried out following activities in April-2019  –

As the name Digital, team is very much active on Social media – Facebook and WhatsApp to promote the events.


    • Live updates of Ashirwad Samaroh.
    • Digital Team has taken a new initiative – Women Empowerment and created a new Facebook page – MILA (MPF Interactive Ladies Association). This page will have many topics like –
      • She Inspires – A profile of randomly selected lady of the MPF Central will be published on weekly basis.
      • Girls Bazaar – Online Shopping platform
      • Ask Me – Information and Suggestions on any help you need.
      • Review Me – Reviews related to Books, Movies, Restaurants, Places, Theatre, Drama, any particular products etc..
      • Health & Safety – Tips related to Life Style, Exercise, Yoga, etc..
      • Hungry Tummy – Recipes tried out or want to try from cuisines all around the world.
      • Celebrations – festivals, achievements of our members.
      • Fly High – Career guidance and help for career growth.
    • President’s Speech and Photos of Ashirwad Samaroh after the event.
    • Created curiosity and enthusiasm about BCL-2019 –
      • Live updates of BCL Auction.
      • Promotion of sponserer of BCL teams.

Next Event Update – SAMVID

This year SAMVID is coming with new and interesting topic – “में पैसा और वो”! This will help the MPFians for personal and professional growth.